Many young tennis players simply do not have the financial means to participate in the sport of tennis. The Chattahoochee Foundation provides underprivileged students grants to help cover the costs of drills, private lessons, tournaments, travel, and tennis equipment.  Scholarships afford students an otherwise unattainable opportunity to reach their potential on the court.

The Chattahoochee Foundation recently awarded $12,000 in player grant scholarships to competitive junior players who do not have the necessary financial means to the afford the costs required to compete at the state, southern, and national levels. We could not offer player grant scholarships without the financial contributions and support from our donors, and for your generosity we offer our sincere thanks!

The application process for 2016 is currently underway. We look forward to accepting applications until the July 31 deadline. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship in 2016, please download the 2016 Scholarship Application and submit it promptly to the Foundation.

Jackie and Cheech
“Chattahoochee Foundation has helped me tremendously with grants for tournament travel, training, equipment and schooling…Coming from Romania, a country with limited opportunities and from a family with a modest income, I would have never been able to have the tennis career that I had as well as the wonderful life experiences, if it wasn’t for the great people that I met and the Chattahoochee Foundation.” – UTA coach, Raian Luchichi and past recipient of UTA Scholarships
“I cannot be more blessed with the opportunities UTA and the foundation have provided to me. Having been born and raised in Turkey…I cannot even imagine where I would be in life now if I did not have [their] support…Not only had they helped me develop as a better tennis player but also an individual to be a role model among others.” –Gokalp Ozdemir, UTA Scholarship recipient