Thanks to the generosity of our participants, the 20 participating UTA pros were able to fill all 24 hours of available tennis instruction! On May 25th and May 26th, nine courts at Chastain Tennis Center in Atlanta, GA were booked for a good portion of the day on Saturday, and adult participants were still taking lessons until after midnight on Saturday night. Twelve high school and college-aged students booked the 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. time slots and participated in tennis clinics, college team tennis format competitions, conditioning, and a variety of off-court activities like Frisbee, Cornhole, and football. Then lessons started bright and early again Sunday morning. A big thanks goes out to David Stolle and Stewart Russell for teaching for 24 straight hours!!!

This year was the first year that the UTA Free Year of Drills Raffle was incorporated into the fundraising efforts of the 24-Hour Around the Clock event, and the raffle generated $4,320 in donations. Thank you to Universal Tennis Academy for offering such a valuable raffle prize to the UTA families. Congratulations to Hannah Ward, Bitsy Grant Junior Excellence student, for winning the free year of drills raffle. Due to the support of our Around the Clock participants and self-less work of the UTA pros, the 24-hours of instruction brought in $5,950. The Chattahoochee Foundation is extremely grateful for the $10,270 in total donations.

The Around the Clock event made the news! To watch the video, and to view more pictures and videos from the Teach-A-Thon event, please visit the Chattahoochee Foundation Facebook page.



Special thanks to STEWART RUSSELL (left) and DAVID STOLLE (right) for teaching all 24 hours!